2GD Coastal Builders’ mission statement?

1. To work hard at all times exclusively with you to ensure that the end result matches your vision.

2. To deliver superior outstanding workmanship and

3. To be transparent with our costs and prices throughout the process.

How long have 2GD Coastal Builders been in the construction business?

Our supervisors and general contractors have been in the construction business for over thirty years.

As a company, what can 2GD Coastal Builders provide?

We can provide general contracting services, home improvements, and handyman services to residential, commercial and multifamily units.

Do you have a contracting license?

Yes. 2GD Coastal Builders has the required certifications for the state of Georgia.

Do you have a certificate of insurance?

Yes, we are a fully insured company. 2GD Coastal Builders have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

Which aspects of renovation, construction or maintenance can 2GD Coastal Builders assist you with?

Our team of experienced professionals can address almost anything that relates to your home, commercial or multifamily units needs. Our professional team skills include drafting designs, helping you to obtain permits, budgeting for small to large scale projects, aiding and taking control of the planning and scheduling aspects of your home, commercial or multifamily unit renovation, construction and maintenance needs.

What about subcontractors?

2GD Coastal Builders may use subcontractors, but our company is in charge of the project’s development, our professional workers will be on site every single day. We always use professional tradesmen with integrity and strong ethics. We’re rigorous about quality and workmanship for every stage of the project.

If I have an idea in mind but I do not have a blueprint, can 2GD Coastal Builders still help me?

It begins with an initial meeting, in person. We can schedule a site visit where we can come to terms with the details of your wish list. After researching your ideas we are ready to give you a rough estimate from the sketch we created for you. We have had a lot of success creating a rough estimate of what projects may cost before construction has begun. The sketch design and the estimation will help you focus on how to create the most value for your project.

Once you agree with the estimate, we will itemize the costs of the materials and the labor for your project in a quote. Then is up to your availability and timing FOR the commencement of your project.

Do you provide assistance in obtaining the permits when required?

Yes. If you are looking to make major structural changes, such as additions or extensions of an electrical or plumbing variety, then you will likely need a permit. If your renovations are mostly decorative or aesthetic in natural, or internal functions, you will not require a permit. We are here to help.

Can 2GD Coastal Builders help us in creating an estimate cost before construction?

Yes. We can help you with a ballpark estimation with or without a blueprint. It will help you focus on how to create the most value for your project as we possibly can.

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